Some of my nice movies

Please see these movies with a glimpse in your eyes.

(All movies are made in Cinema 4D)


"Posta Carbonara" 2002   "Tack För Kaffet" 1997   "Hawaii Express" 2002
1 minute (7,6 mb)   1,50 minutes (9,8 mb)   1 minute (8 mb)

"Posta Carbonara" is my fist "1minute movie" and it´s all about the postal service, from, to.....

(Cinema 4D v.6)


Tthis is my first 3D movie, and just learning the 3D program.

(Cinema 4D v.1.00)


"Hawaii Express" is my second "1minute movie" and the music was composed special for this movie by Dick Karlsson

(Cinema 4D v.6)





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